Flipping the Classroom – What are the Opportunities?

The Statistics for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) course that I teach has the greatest opportunity for flipped teaching.  This course is delivered to a single class at three hours per week to students pursuing an Advanced Diploma in GIS Technology and as such is independent of other instructors.  In my opinion courses that are taught in parallel classes through multiple instructors would probably present a significant challenge for implementation at both the administrative and functional levels.  The delivery method of Statistics for GIS is subject to only the authority of the Chair, Civil Engineering Technology.   The development of online video lectures for out-of-class viewing and assigned problems for classwork, each having suitable levels of content and time parameters, would require a considerable effort but doable for next school year if initiated shortly.

The Algebra and Trigonometry course that I teach is also a good candidate for flipped teaching. As it turns out there are many resources already available on the publisher’s website that I could use for student out-of-class viewing of lesson content, such as animation clips, video lectures and PowerPoint presentations.  However, this course is currently delivered to seven parallel classes through three instructors at five hours per week.  Each year the number of instructors may vary.  This dynamic environment may present a buy-in challenge for the delivery of the course and a formidable task for coordination.

The Legal Survey course that I teach is more suitable for other learner-centered approaches of teaching/learning such as case studies and discussions.


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