Assignment 4 (WebQuest) – Point Pattern Analysis

I presently instruct three courses at Red River College: Algebra and Trigonometry, Statistics for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Legal Surveys.  Found numerous webquests on topics related to algebra, trigonometry and classical (traditional) statistics that could work with the math and statistics courses I teach, but couldn’t  find any webquests concerning spatial statistics or legal survey.

The second half of the statistics course deals with spatial analysis.  One of the early lessons in this portion of the course is Point Pattern Analysis.

Found many websites that would be advantageous in development of a Point Pattern Analysis webquest, which contained a variety of forms such as blogs, videos, slide presentations (PowerPoint), mathematical and non-mathematical papers, application software, tutorials, discussions forms (Qs and As)… Here are three –

Additional information needed for this webquest would include:

  • An introduction to the activity that would describe the lesson and catch students’ attention
  • An outline of the tasks that students would need to complete the activity, including learning outcomes
  • A layout of the process that would encompass the sequential step students would follow to complete the activity
  • An assessment/evaluation rubric that would explain to students how their assignment would be graded
  • A conclusion describing what students should have learned on completion of the activity

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